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Welcome. You have been accepted to our private academy. Hope you enjoy it.
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 Theo Rena...

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PostSubject: Theo Rena...   Wed Jun 02, 2010 6:55 pm

Basic Information:
Name: Theodora Rena
Nickname: Theo, Thee
Age: 15
Class Year: 1A
Financial Ranking: Low Class (her family is high class, but they don’t share the fortune so, Theo herself is low class)
Guardian(s): Aunt
Guardian(s) Business: maid
Other family members: mother, father and younger brother – all living in England

Hair: light brown, straight but somewhat messy
Eyes: dark grey/blue
Height: 5’3
Nationality: unknown

Likes: any kinds of games, cosplaying, reading, being herself, etc.
Dislikes: liars and many other things…
Fears: nothing! Well, there is something, but she would only tell that to a trusted friend
Talent: blowing stuff up- err, I mean… I don’t know.
Past/History: Theo was raised in an orphanage and was adopted at the age of 9. Buuut, Theo got in trouble a lot, and was finally sent to Japan to attend a rich private school. Her parents are hoping her behaviour will change, and that she’ll become a lady…
Other: Theo’s character will be built through the role-play, as I’m not sure now how exactly she’ll act and stuff…
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PostSubject: Re: Theo Rena...   Thu Jun 03, 2010 9:07 pm

Have Fun!
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Theo Rena...
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