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Welcome. You have been accepted to our private academy. Hope you enjoy it.
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 Kayo Mizuki

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Kayo Mizuki

Kayo Mizuki

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PostSubject: Kayo Mizuki   Sun Jul 04, 2010 10:13 pm

Basic Information:
Name: Sakayo Mizuki
Nickname: Kayo
Age: 15
Class Year: 1-A
Financial Ranking: Middle Class
Guardian(s): Mom, Yumi Mizuki
Guardian(s) Business:Singer, actress, model
Other family members:
Hair: Blonde-ish?
Eyes: Green-yellow
Height: 5 ft.

Likes: Ramen, Sweets, Iceskating, Music
Dislikes: Icky Stuff, “Boredism”
Fears:Fire, Bugs
Talent:Singing, acting
Past/History: Kayo was born in Japan, and moved to the United Kingdom when she was eight. When she was ten, her dad died in a car accident, and then she and her mom moved back to Japan. She lives with her mom now.
Other: Kayo is really stubborn and hates to lose. She is a heavy sleeper and hits people when they try to wake her up. Other than that, she has a pretty cheerful personality.
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Kayo Mizuki
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