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 Dylain and Marylyn Azuria

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PostSubject: Dylain and Marylyn Azuria   Fri Jul 02, 2010 6:56 pm

Basic Information:
Name: Dylain Azuria/ Marlyn Azuria
Nickname: Dy/ Mary
Age: 17
Class Year: 2A
Financial Ranking: High
Guardian(s): Adopted abusive father.
Guardian(s) Business: Talk-show host. Not very popular, but enough to get money.
Other family members: None.

Hair: Dylain's hair is a whitish blue, goes down to her shoulders. Marylyn's is dark blue and always in a ponytail.
Eyes: Dylain's eyes are a deep green. Marylyn's are violet.
Height: 5"4'
Other: Neko: Dylain has blueish-white ears, whereas Marylyn has dark blue ears.
Nationality: American, but they're fluent in Japanese.

Likes: Dylain likes isolation. Marylyn likes being silent, but stays with a small crowd.
Dislikes: Dylain hates other people. Marlyn hates being AWAY from other people.
Fears: Their father.
Talent: They don't ever do it, but they're double-jointed and therefor contortionists.
Past/History: They never talk about it.
Other: Nothing much important about them.
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Dylain and Marylyn Azuria
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